Willy Wonka and The Charlie Factory / Fat Goth's Descent Into The Third Circle of Hell

by Fat Goth

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These two nuggets were recorded just before our previous bassist, Allan left Scotland's shores to embark upon an indefinite visit to Australia.

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released April 8, 2011

Recorded by Robin Sutherland on 12th March 2011.

Fraser Stewart - Guitar, Vocals, Genius
Mark Keiller - Drums, Pink Pound Offering
Allan Mitchell - Bass, Alcohol, Sexism

Ivan Ackerman supplies various keyboard sounds on 'Willy Wonka...' and Demon Tounge on 'Fat Goth's Descent...'.

Cover design by Russell Stewart.

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Track Name: Willy Wonka and The Charlie Factory
I'm a man, a rough operator with a shattered personality,
I'm underpaid and overcharged, I've got an awful credit history,
I gravitate to where I'm not wanted, I exist to exasperate,
Come on doll, I'm totally binned, take me home so we can copulate.

Stripped down revealing all and so sticky to the touch,
but yet you retain your charm (hmm),
Reunited with a look that says it all,
You know the fitter they come the harder I fall.

Sticks and stones have broken those bones but the names were way more severe,
But what is this? A chance to reminisce, well let me be the first to volunteer,
You're gona die an inhumane death, I think it's time for me to misbehave,
So suck it up and let it be known I'll make a point to defecate on your grave,

Hold the knife edge close to the heart while rationality is out of view,
Don't you want to be free of me? (no),
I'm a masochist out looking for a reason to breathe,
I'm terrified of this place but I can't ever leave,

'Cos you stay in my head like a terrible tumour.