by Fat Goth

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Behold! The second official release from Fat Goth.

Recorded at Chime Studios, Glasgow by Ross McGowan on Sat 30th and Sun 31st Oct 2010.

Cover design by Kris 'K19, The Widow Maker' Keiller.

Hope you enjoy!

twitter: @fatgoth


released November 16, 2010

Allan Mitchell - Bass Guitar
Mark Keiller - Drums
Fraser Stewart - Guitar, Voice, Keys



all rights reserved
Track Name: One Night In Kevin
Say somthing awful, say something vile,
Become moronic and juvenile,
A filthy creature clamped on a teat,
Steady consumption and born to excrete,
Persistent aliment, too big to hide,
Covered in a putrid ooze with an aroma you cannot describe,
You cast me out but then I'll find a way back in,

Such an ugly scene, left completely traumatized,
Drowning in cold sweat and too tired to open eyes,

Oh come on, you know it. Play my request,
Your poor selection is hard to digest,
Won't you please be quiet? I'm painfully bored,
Just an irritation, a lubricated whore,
I'll speak with conviction and wish you all the worst,
Struck down but still devoted and praying for piss to quench this thirst,
Such a little head but equipped with a bigger mouth,

An acrobatic tounge will aid your unholy ascent,
A parasitic dream, no need to ever pay rent,

Shake down, cover up, you know the routine,
Get bound so tight, surrender limbs to the will of gangrene,
Disgust and revolt, just simply obscene,
Disengage and disembowel, best intentions will remain unclean,
Begin to realise you'll die alone.
Track Name: Q. 'Baby, what's your flava?' A. 'Steak and Onion.'
Track Name: ...and in the end, there will only be Dundee.
It's the weekend and I'm having a party,
It would appear that most of my friends are now either engaged or married,
They talk of mortgages, joint bank accounts, car dealerships and new home improvements,
That could accommodate the sound of tiny feet,
They find me in the kitchen on all fours, naked and screaming,

He plays the villian and dominates the role,
Beady eyed and stinks of sour milk,
A tragic figure and one that lives alone,
But a keen collector of plastic shopping bags,
I wonder if that man feels inclined to harm me?

Maintains a vow of silence and is partial to extreme violence,
So keep your distance boy,
Staple your lips together, rip out your eyes and floss your ears with razor wire and save yourself from a similar fate,

He's on a mission, he's striving to impress,
So instead of gum he chews on drawing pins,
Opinionated but ultimately wrong,
Convinced himself that Planet Earth is flat,
So desperately in need of a mental enema,

With our standards still declining he promotes the benefits of recycling,
Feeds off his own piss and shit,
So tired of second guessing, wade through the sludge into a greener and healthier view,
Fuck me, fuck you,
What can you do?
Oh why can't you see I just want to be friends?

Admire my new cavity,
The installation was practically free,
Bad smell, repel,
It's anyone's guess what kind of inhumane mess lies within your fridge.