by Fat Goth

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Andrew Rawlinson
Andrew Rawlinson thumbnail
Andrew Rawlinson Short Sharp Punk Rock Favorite track: Surf's Down.
lust4metal thumbnail
lust4metal OK alternative pop rock Favorite track: Surf's Down.
Ed Sprake
Ed Sprake thumbnail
Ed Sprake Saw these guys live in Manchester at Wahlbar and they absolutely blew me away. Properly incendiary live show in a tiny little club, bags of energy and the band were tight as a gnat's chuff. The drummer is mental (in the best way possible!).
Also, translates very well to recorded media as well. Well worth supporting these guys, if there's any justice in this world they should get a far bigger audience than they had when I saw them.
Awesome :) Favorite track: Surf's Down.
Paul Jetten
Paul Jetten thumbnail
Paul Jetten Like a Scot Jesus Lizard. I love em. thank you! Favorite track: Debbie's Dirty Harry.
Cathal Kelly
Cathal Kelly thumbnail
Cathal Kelly Relentless, energetic and socially awkward. Favorite track: You'll Find Me In Da Club (and to be perfectly frank, I'm having a cracking time!).
Eoin Smith
Eoin Smith thumbnail
Eoin Smith This is a pretty amazing album. Heavy and riffy in all the right places, but not afraid to divert from expectations.
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Surf's Down 05:10
Rip, don’t tear, Give them all a reason to stare, Foul protrusions racing out and wrapping around your hide. Shoot your muck, Hogging all the bad luck, Dirty little entities wriggle round inside. Mutilate, What a sight! Sickly white with an inappropriate grin, Such a beautiful butterfly. Now defences have welcomed in decay, Periodically retching uncontrollably. Grind and grate, Don’t stop for goodness sake, Keeping it on the down-low and underneath your bed. Stick it in, bite it off, Formaldehyde, Kalashnikov, Oh my God, what’s that thing behind you? Humiliate, Sing it loud and sing it proud, a walking travesty, Maybe better off in a zoo. Oh, my lady, there’s no question who’s the boss, She says she loves me while she nails me to the cross. Way down, dig deep, it’s breaking through. Big bad, no good, somewhat erratic too. Get rank, get ripped, so very regrettable, Bone dry, stinking and entirely accountable. Do this, do that, until you're dead on your feet, Surprise! You lose. It's way more fun when you cheat.
Baby, you’re looking good enough to eat, Well lucky enough for you, honey I’m pretty hungry. Come on, I’m waiting here with my dinner plate, Give me something I would happily devourer. Wayhey, I’m gonna feast like a king tonight, And then I’ll be walking out and leaving you to foot the bill. Highly offensive to the tongue, I’m what you’d call an acquired taste. A fulltime member of the lowest class, Parade around like a rancid wino. Get down, gyrate to an absent beat, My future’s looking bleak, I cry myself to sleep but still, There’s life in the old dog yet. Uninvited I daunder in, Make myself at home like an infection. I spy the talent and give them all my chat, And then wake up in the street next to the bins with a sense of regret and multiple fractures. Oh, the daily grind, the daily chore, Longing for something more unusual, So whenever you find yourself erect, Tighten a noose around your neck, Oh, the daily grind, the daily chore, Longing for something more unpredictable, So whenever you find yourself erect, Tighten a noose around your neck, It’s the quintessential thrill.
Get up! Wake up! We need you alive. Head on the track. Mind on the point, no use for a life. Brake out, fake it. It doesn't make it right. We go around Stare out the sun enhancing the stride. Change! Change! Yeah that's what you say. Spare change all that's left of the day, now. Extern! Return! We know where we lie. Kicked out the lights Crossed out their wombs and the spelling will die. Temple & Repeat our ambition on ice. Elliptic flow Charts out the fate with a play of the dice. Change! Change! Yeah that's what you say. Spare change all that's left of the day, now. We! Film! The Champs Elysees. The avenue towards the end of our lives.
Dressed up waiting for handsome, Cleaned up pretty in blue, The slow caress of a withered hand in a room without the view. So pathetic and hideous, It’s best to cover your eyes, Keep it buried, keep it very well hidden, keep it out of sight. Degrade, defile and desecrate, An undertaking so captivating, Who knows where that’s been? Strung out waiting for useless, Busy climbing the walls, Taste the smell of one with halitosis, giving it your all. Exotic hues over crusted eyelids, Glossing over cracked lips, The woeful end to an appalling day, the secret’s all in the hips. Entrance, excite and entertain, Generous thrusting, so very disgusting, Who knows where to look? Busy waiting for nothing, A rotting pile of meat, Killing time in an endless daydream, Comatosed upon soiled sheets. Repulse, recline and regurgitate, Persist, provoke and persecute, Secrete, salivate and solidify, Losing composure from over-exposure, Who knows where the hell that’s been?
Welcome back, how was your holiday? You’ve been away so much lately, we didn’t know if you’d return. Taking strolls along golden beaches and dipping your toes in the blue, Was it worth all that sunburn? ‘Well now that you’re home’ – I’m back on the scene, ‘Why be alone?’ – I don’t want to sound mean but I’m heading back to that exclusive place where I’m always entertained. ‘Have we done wrong?’ – No, not at all, ‘Where do you belong?’ – Hey, I’m just a pinball aiming for the highest score. Standing in line and waiting to board, With a smile on your face, what happened to your aerophobia? And now you’ve started elevating and your mind is concentrating on absolutely nothing at all. Take me away from this barren land and take me home to Utopia. ‘Changes happening inside’ – A natural mutation, ‘Just like Jekyll and Hyde’ = What an accusation! I’ll now present my case in an incomprehensible and abstract delivery. ‘Making little progress’ – Try as I might, ‘What a sight to witness’ – Primed and ready to fight but incapable to tell friend from foe. ‘Rolling round in the dirt’ – Do it all just for kicks, ‘Tell us where does it hurt?’ – Gently float down the Styx, destination well known but the serenity and tranquillity gives no cause for alarm. ‘A well-established routine’ – One I dare not neglect, ‘Such a brutal regime’ – Undeniably wrecked and full to the brim, a temperamental cacophony of love and hate and all in between. ‘And now it’s so very clear’ – I promise we’ll reconvene, ‘Lost out in the frontier’ – It’s such a wondrous machine and for what some would call a hefty fee, It can heal and renew, Take control and subdue, What’s not to love about the notion of diminished responsibility?
I've got a wealth of new opinions, Psychoactive concentrations are breathing and running riot in the mind. Pull it back and get it weeping, Patch it up so it's as good as new. Start to improvise upon your demise, What else is there to do? Still thrive off animosity, I ruined your birthday cake. Now don't go thinking this is easy, To look this bad, it takes a certain degree of unparalleled stupidity. It's all good, it's all okay, Couldn't be any happier, Stinking up the place, a complete disgrace, A profit of our time. Play dead and let them take the heat, Treat friends like sacrificial meat. Obscene, such a character! You're so divine. Tune in, bias commentary, Let them lick you clean. Up to no good in that corner. Obliterate all in your way, Fellatio in a chevrolet. Vulgar and depraved, a slave to pride, not justified in any way, I won't call you back. Accelerate, don't take your time. Bulldoze your way to the finish line. Spit from the podium, Iiving the dream, this cat got it's cream, Oh, it's a shame no one's here.
I Am Leg End 06:16
It would appear the time has come to put my theory to the test, Let’s see if I will sink or swim. I spent my days and spent my nights rehearsing this whole routine, And now I’m centre stage, the show begins. With the sound of encouragement still ringing in my ears, My lungs inhale while my feet prepare to move, 3, 2, 1, go. Just keep your head and maintain your cool, Believe in what you ultimately hope will turn to be true. Trepidation breathes down my neck while inside apprehension is screaming, What if you fail, what if you lose, what will you do? I’ve never been one for throwing caution to the wind, Yet here I am at the mercy of an uncertain fate, As I let these words escape, Hey baby, I find you appealing, How’s about you and I get busy? Your facial expression needs no explaining, Oh no, it’s all gone to Hell. Alcohol, you’ve betrayed me again, Laugh it up while I’m showered in obscenities, And to think I could succeed like other men, I’m crawling my way home.
Bang Tidy 11:02
Down we go, down below into the pit of despair, Where we fear to tread. Lurking in the gloom of the room, decorating the limescale, with little rivers of red. A tale of hope, a tasteless joke, gather round and hear, One you've heard before. Through the days and nights, he's getting ripe, The essence of repugnance, it's kind of hard to ignore. Oh, poor baby. What happened to you? You paid the price for playing nice, The thought never occurred to disregard the rules. Picked up and used, beaten and bruised, Not doing too well. Steaming, I'm gee'n it pure yaldi 'n all. Come touch me, offend your fingertips. A stubborn stain that'll never wash out. Oh, poor baby. They tore you apart. Became obsessed, then got depressed, What a boring epitaph. Not worth remembering. Heavy petting while bed-wetting, Shut up, shut up, shut up, You're so funny it hurts. Hopeful cause in evening wear, Sweeter things take note; beware. So very sad and lonely. A jilted freak in a toupee. Nothing more than a walking cliche, But there's a practical solution, Open wide and swallow them down. ''Oh man, amazing!'' So peaceful. Everything exactly where it's supposed to be. Almost heavenly. A perfect dream. But subject to change. Blinding and flashing lights, my queue to bid you goodnight. Ode to the prettiest thing I ever did see, Like a new blanket of snow that's fallen across the city. Heartache rages on throughout ever inch of my being, It's comforting to know that this life has been lived, A sense of belonging was here, But now it's gone. Oh my Luna, Oh Fortuna!
They tell me its okay, Don’t shut yourself away, The important thing is you tried. Never admit defeat, Get back on your feet for another round, We all have ups and downs, So why not turn that frown, Into the cheeriest of smiles? Just you wait and see, How good this world can be, Keep hanging on. After all no one likes a moan, That’s something we won’t condone, So I reply, ‘Perhaps you’re right’. I take their helping hand, And as soon as I can stand, I proceed to kick in their teeth.


'Stud' is Fat Goth's second album and the first to feature the talents of our new bass player, Kevin. It was engineered by Ross McGowan at Chime Studios, Glasgow in summer 2012. The whole thing took 6 days to record, mix and master, and we reckon it sounds pretty cool. We prefer to go for authenticity whenever we record and try to capture the sound of the band on a good night. 'Stud' is a decent representation of that and we hope folk enjoy it!


released January 28, 2013

Mark Keiller - Drums/Percussion
Kevin Black - Bass Guitar/Vocals (lead vocals on We Film The Champs Elysees)
Fraser Stewart - Guitar/Vocals

Alice Marra provides the voice of reason on Pinball Moron.

We would like to thank Ross McGowan, Kris Keiller, Fraser Simpson, Andrew McGarry, Andy Temple, Alice Marra, Ross Middlemiss, Claire Lim/A Badge of Friendship, Rob Black and Alan Jeans for all their help and contributions!


all rights reserved


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